Charles Martel
b. AD 688 – d. October 22, AD 741 • Ruler • Soldier
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Charles Martel
Charles Martel (c. 690–741), Frankish ruler. He was a son of Pepin II, Mayor of the Palace to the Merovingian kings, by a concubine, Chapaida. Between 714 and 718 he fought for leadership and control of the Frankish kingdom against his father’s wife Plectrud and also against the Neustrian Franks led
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Martel, Charles
Martel, Charles(688?–741). In 732 Charles Martel and his Christian Frankish army fought a crucial battle near Tours, France. Their foes were Muslims, also known as Saracens. In only 100 years following the death of the prophet Muhammad, the Muslims had built up a vast empire that stretched from Persia
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Battle of Tours
Battle of Tours. In this key battle of 732 (also known as the Battle of Poitiers), the Carolingian general *Charles Martel defeated a Muslim army that had pushed north into France. Charles Martel, known as “The Hammer,” drove the Islamic forces back over the Pyrenees Mountains, halting the northern expansion
Charles Martel
Charles Martel (c. 690–741). Although not a king in his own right, Charles Martel was the virtual ruler of the Franks by 723. Dubbed “The Hammer,” Charles defeated an Arab *Islamic army at the defining *Battle of Tours (732) in southern France that halted Islamic penetration into western Europe and drove
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Charles Martel
CHARLES MARTEL, Charles surnamed the Hammer (on the sobriquet and its late origin, and on the name Charles, see Breysig, Jahrbücher des Fränkischen Reichs, 714–41, Die Zeit Karl Martells, Leipzig, 1869, p. 8, n. 3, and reff.), son of Pippin the Elder and Alpaida (Gesta R. F. 49; Fred. Cont. 103), was
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Charles Martel
Charles Martel (c. 688–741)Charlemagne’s grandfather who at the Battle of Tours (732) led the Franks in repelling the Muslim advance into western EuropeCharles, known as Martel (“the hammer”) for his repeated attacks against the Saracens (Muslims), was an illegitimate son of a Merovingian ruler, Pepin