Charles Chauncy
b. 1705 – d. 1787 • Congregationalist
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Chauncy, Charles
Chauncy, Charles. Name of two theologians from one family. The great-grandfather (1592–1672), a native of England, was the second president of Harvard University. His extreme Puritanism caused conflicts with the authorities until he finally recanted. Later he changed his mind about that retraction, published
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Chauncy, Charles
Chauncy, Charles (c. 1592–1672). An English-born Greek and Hebrew scholar who immigrated to New England and became the second true president of *Harvard College, Chauncy upheld a strict *Calvinist theology.
Chauncy, Charles
Chauncy, Charles (1705–1787). Leader of the Old Light anti-revival movement within New England Congregationalism, Chauncy, after graduating from *Harvard College, became the pastor of the First Church in Boston. His Seasonable Thoughts on the State of Religion in New England (1743) was an opening salvo
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Chauncy, Charles
Chauncy, Charles (1705–1787)An ordained Congregationalist minister of First Church, Boston, between 1727 and 1787, Charles Chauncy was the arch-opponent of the evangelical revivals that became known as the Great Awakening. Edwards and Chauncy were arguably the two most prominent representatives in New
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Chauncy, Charles
Chauncy, Charles (1705–1787)Boston clergyman and leader of New England “liberals”Chauncy, great-grandson of Harvard’s second president, was born in Boston. He graduated from Harvard in 1721 and became pastor of Boston’s First Church (Congregational) in 1727, a position he held for sixty years.Chauncy