Center of the Land
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Center of the Land
Center of the Land (טַבּוּר הָאָרֶץ‎, tabbur ha'arets). A phrase that speaks of being in an important or favorable location. The phrase has an uncertain meaning due to its sparse usage in the Bible.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Center of the Land
Center of the LandAn epithet for the holy temples of the Samaritans and the Israelites, on Mt. Gerizim and Mt. Zion respectively, which each group considered its sacred place as the earth’s (spiritual) “center” (Heb. ṭabbûr hāʾāreṣ; Judg. 9:37; Ezek. 38:12). The LXX translation “navel” (Gk. omphalós;
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Center of the Land
Center of the Land (Heb. ṭabbûr hā˒āreṣ “navel of the earth”). An epithet for a mountain near Shechem, possibly Mt. Gerizim, the highest point in the area and, as it were, the center of the region (Judg. 9:37). At Ezek. 38:12 the “center of the earth” (RSV) may refer to the central region of
Key passages
Jdg 9:37

And Gaal spoke again and said, “Look, people are coming down from Tabbur-erez, and one division is coming from the direction of Elon-meonenim.”

Eze 38:12

to loot loot, and to plunder plunder, to assail inhabited ruins and a people gathered together from various peoples and who are acquiring livestock and goods and dwelling at the center of the world.