Cecil Calvert
b. August 8, 1605 – d. November 30, 1675 • Governor • Proprietor
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Baltimore, Lord
Baltimore (Lord), or Sir Cecil Calvert (1613–1676).—An English Catholic nobleman, known as Lord Baltimore. Having obtained from Charles I. a charter for the settlement of Maryland, in 1634, sent out his brother, Leonard Calvert, and two hundred English emigrants, chiefly Catholics, to establish a colony
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Calvert, Cecilius
Calvert, Cecilius (c. 1605–1675)Second Lord Baltimore; son of George CalvertFollowing the death of his father in 1632, Cecilius Calvert inherited the charter rights to more than 10 million acres along the shores of the northern half of Chesapeake Bay. The colony that resulted was named Maryland for