Catherine of Genoa
b. 1447 – d. September 15, 1510 • Mystic • Noble
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Catherine, St, of Siena
Catherine, St, of Siena (?1347–80), *Dominican tertiary. Caterina Benincasa was the 23rd of 25 children born to a prosperous Sienese dyer. She grew up in Christian piety, though her long hours of prayer and severe mortification at first brought her into conflict with her family. Having at the early age
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Catherine of Siena
Catherine of Siena (1347–80). She was designated a ⇒doctor of the church in 1970 in recognition of the importance of her writings and her exemplary life. She died when she was only thirty-three years old. Daughter of a prosperous wool merchant, she was the twenty-fourth of twenty-five children. She resisted
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Catherine of Siena
Catherine of SienaCatherine of Siena (c. 1347–1380) was a Dominican nun who lived much of her life in solitude and silence. At twenty-one she believed she was mystically espoused to Christ. She practiced maximum abstinence from food and sleep, and gave herself to the service of the poor and sick. In
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Catherine of Siena, St.
Catherine of Siena, St. (c. 1347–1380). One of but three women who have received the designation doctor of the church, Catherine was one of the most influential personalities in fourteenth-century Catholicism. She was born in Siena in the year that the bubonic plague first visited Europe and felt called
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Catherine of Siena
Inner TravelersCatherine of SienaMystic and political activist“[You are] not to love Me for your own sake, or your neighbor for your own sake, but to love Me for Myself, yourself for Myself, your neighbor for Myself.”—from a divine vision to Catherine of SienaAs a young girl, Catherine often
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Catherine of Siena
Catherine of Siena (c. 1347–1380)Italian mystic; member of the Sisters of Penance (a Dominican lay order)Born in Florence, Catherine chose her religious vocation at age sixteen and, as a Dominican lay sister, led a strict ascetic life in her own home. Later, Catherine embarked upon an active public