Catherine de' Medici
b. April 13, 1519 – d. January 5, 1589 • Queen
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Catherine de’ Medici
Catherine de’ Medici (1519–89), Queen-Consort of France from 1547, and Queen-Mother from 1559. A relative of Pope *Clement VII, she was married in 1533 to Henry, son of Francis I of France, in order that French support might free the Pope from the control of the Emp. *Charles V. Through the reigns
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Catherine de’ Medici
Catherine De’ Medici (1519–1589)Italian noblewoman and, by marriage, queen of FranceCatherine de’ Medici was the daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici of Florence. In 1533 her uncle, Pope Clement VII, arranged her marriage to Henry, duke of Orleans, who became king of France as Henry II in 1547. Well educated