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Catechist; Catechumen
Catechist; Catechumen A catechist is a teacher who instructs pupils in the elements of his or her own religion. In the OT the catechist teaches the rudiments of OT truth, in the NT the principles of the Christian faith. A catechumen is one whom the catechist instructs or catechizes, in preparation for
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
catechist. (1) In the primitive Church, a teacher of *catechumens, or a lecturer in a catechetical school.(2) In modern usage, occasionally, a person appointed to give instruction in Christianity, e.g. to children.(3) In the mission field, a native Christian teacher.
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
CATECHIST; CATECHUMEN<kat’-e-kist>, <kate-ku’-men> ([κατηχίζειν, katechizein] “to resound,” “to teach,” “to instruct”): A catechist is a teacher who instructs his pupils in the elements of his own religion. In the Old Testament he teaches them the rudiments of Old Testament truth; in the New
The Lutheran Cyclopedia
Catechist (Catechet). The Lutheran Church, in her missionary operations, has always and most successfully employed so-called catechists. We find them first in the field of Foreign Missions where catechists, as a rule, are native assistants and co-workers of the missionaries. As far back as 1706, Bartholomaeus
A Catholic Dictionary
catechist. A name originally given to those who instructed persons preparing for baptism. Catechists were in early times also called ναυτόλογοι, because they brought the sailors on board the ship of the Church.
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Catechist, Catechumen
catechist, catechumen. Respectively, a person giving and a person receiving elementary Christian instruction, especially prior to baptism. Neither word occurs in the NT. The verb from which both are derived, katēcheō G2994, is used several times: Acts 18:25, where Apollos’s Christian instruction is
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Catechist. One who instructs others in the Christian faith. The word originally was used in the early church of the person who taught converts the church’s faith and morals in the period leading to baptism. In traditional Western missionary work local pastors, leaders, and teachers have been called catechists,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Catechist, Catechumen
CATECHIST, kat′ē̇-kist, CATECHUMEN, kat-ē̇-kū′men (κατηχίζειν, katēchízein, “to resound,” “to teach,” “to instruct”): A catechist is a teacher who instructs his pupils in the elements of his own religion. In the OT he teaches them the rudiments of OT truth; in the NT he teaches the principles of