One of the cities of the Decapolis.
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Beit Ras
BEIT RAS (M.R. 230222). One of the cities of the DECAPOLIS, known in Roman times as Capitolias.A. Name and IdentificationB. History of ResearchC. History of SettlementA. Name and IdentificationThe modern village of Beit Ras, Roman Capitolias, is located five km N of Irbid in Jordan. The ras (“peak,”
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
CAPITOLIAS One of the cities of the Decapolis, whose era, according to coins, began in ad 98–9 (Nerva or Trajan). Extant coins from Aurelius to Macrinus indicate that the city was autonomous and not founded as a Roman colony. The Peutinger map gives its position as halfway between Adraa and Gadara, 16
The Eerdmans Encyclopedia of Early Christian Art and Archaeology, Volumes 1–3
Beit Ras
Beit Ras(Capitolias). Site in northwestern Transjordan, 5 km north of Irbid (ancient Arbela). The identification of B.R. with Capitolias was made by 19th-c. Europeans who visited the site: Seetzen in 1806, Buckingham in 1816, Kruse and Fleischer in 1859, Merrill in 1881, and Schumacher in 1890. After
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
CAPITOLIAS [Καπιτολιας Kapitolias]. Roman city identified with modern Beit Ras, located in northwest TRANSJORDAN about 3 mi. north of Irbid. Coins indicate that it was founded in 97/98 ce. Ptolemy lists it as one of the Decapolis cities, and it is included in the Province of Arabia in 106 ce. See RAS,
RAS, BEIT. The modern village of Beit Ras is 5 km north of Irbid in Jordan. Late in the 1st cent. ce, the Romans founded a city, Capitolias, on the site. Coins issued by the city show that it was founded in 97/98 ce. The coins depict the main temple of the city, which was dedicated to Jupiter Capitolinus.
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