Canon of the Mass
Eucharistic Prayer, anaphora
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Anaphora (Gk. ἀναφορά, lit. ‘offering’). The central prayer in the Eucharistic liturgy. The traditional order of its parts is *Sursum Corda (usually introduced by some form of benediction), *Preface, *Sanctus, Memorial of the Incarnation, Words of *Institution, *Anamnesis, *Epiclesis, Intercession
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Canon of the Mass
canon of the mass. That part of the Mass which begins after the “Sanctus” with the prayer “Te igitur,” and ends, according to some, just before the “Pater noster,” according to others, with the consumption of the sacred species. The name Canon is given to this part of the Mass because it contains the
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Canon of the Mass
Canon of the Mass.—The Canon begins with the words “Te igitur,” and closes with the “Pater Noster.” The whole is recited in an inaudible tone of voice by the celebrant of the Mass. It is called Canon, because as the meaning of the Greek word imports, this prayer has been laid down as the Rule, or Canon,