Camel Brand
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Wasm (Camel Brand)
WASM (CAMEL BRAND). Brands (Ar wasm, pl. wusūm) are used by the bedouin tribes as an indelible mark to indicate the ownership of camels. While, as with any herdsman, the bedouin would be able to recognize their own animals, were a dispute to arise over a camel that has strayed the brand would provide
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
WASM. A firebrand used by bedouin (pastoral) and hadar (agricultural or urban) clans to mark an animal with a symbol indicating ownership. Brands were usually placed on a camel’s thigh, shoulder, neck, or cheek. A sub-clan could further distinguish its property by branding a particular location on the