Caleb (son of Hur)
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Caleb (Person)
CALEB (PERSON) [Heb kālēb (כָּלֵב)]. Var. CHELUBAI. CALEBITES. It is possible to distinguish three people with this name, plus one variant form in the name Chelubai (Heb kelûbāy). Any discussion of the name Caleb and its variant form must of necessity also entail an investigation of the Calebites,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Caleb (son of Hezron)
Caleb kā̀ləb [Heb. kālēḇ]; CALEBITE [Heb. kāliḇî] (1 S. 25:3); CHELUBAI [Heb. kelûḇāy] (1 Ch. 2:9). A personal name employed for various individuals in OT texts dealing with the occupation of Canaan, the distribution of territory, and genealogies. Comparative Semitic onomastica show “Chelubai”
Key passages
1 Ch 2:50

These were the descendants of Caleb. The sons of Hur the firstborn of Ephrathah: Shobal the father of Kiriath-Jearim,