The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Calamus (קָנֶה‎, qaneh; κάλαμος, kalamos). A sweet-smelling ingredient used in anointing oil (Exod 30:23; Song 4:14; Isa 43:24; Jer 6:20). Also translated “sweet cane.”
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Calamus. Variety of sweet-smelling cane (Ex 30:23; Sg 4:14; Ez 27:19).See Plants.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Calamus kal̀ə-məs [Heb. qāneh; Gk. kálamos] (Cant. 4:14; Ezk. 27:19); NEB SWEET-CANE; AROMATIC CANE [Heb. qenēh-bōśem; Gk. kálamos euó̄dēs] (Ex. 30:23); AV SWEET CALAMUS; SWEET CANE [Heb. qāneh (haṭṭôḇ, Jer. 6:20); Gk. thymíama (Isa. 43:24), kinnámomon (Jer. 6:20)]; NEB also “fragrant
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
CALAMUS Variety of sweet-smelling cane (Ex 30:23; Sg 4:14; Ez 27:19). See Plants.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
CalamusAn item of trade produced from an aromatic reed (Heb. qāneh; Cant. 4:14; cf. Ezek. 27:19).See Sweet Cane.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Calamus [kălˊə məs] (Heb. qāneh; LXX Gk. kálamos at Cant. 4:14). An item of trade produced from an aromatic reed (Ezek. 27:19).see Sweet Cane.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Calamusthe Latin for cane, Hebrew Kaneh, mentioned (Ex. 30:23) as one of the ingredients in the holy anointing oil, one of the sweet scents (Cant. 4:14), and among the articles sold in the markets of Tyre (Ezek. 27:19). The word designates an Oriental plant called the “sweet flag,” the Acorus calamus
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Calʹa-mus (thus called in Song 4:14 and Ezek. 27:19; Sweet Calamus in Ex. 30:23; Sweet Cane in Isa. 43:24; Jer. 6:20), a plant which is thought to be identical with the Acorus calamus of Linnæus, which has a rush-like stem, and which, when bruised, is exceedingly fragrant. It grows in moist places in
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
CALAMUS (Călʹ ȧ·mŭs) Ingredient of holy anointing oil (Ezek. 30:23). It was a good-smelling spice made from an imported reed. It is also translated “fragrant cane” (NIV, NASB) or “aromatic cane” (NRSV). See Plants.
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
CALAMUS kal´uh-muhs [קָנֶהqaneh]. Acorus calamus was brought from Asia as a perfume. See PLANTS OF THE BIBLE; SPICE; CANE.
2. Calamus
2. CalamusCalamus is the tuber of a water plant called sweet flag or “aromatic cane” (Acorus calamus) related to the wild arum but with iris-like tubers and leaves. The dried tuber was transported from its native Siberia for the sake of its fragrance (Exod 30:23; Song 4:14; Jer 6:20; Ezek 27:19). See
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