Bruno Bauer
b. September 6, 1809 – d. April 13, 1882 • Historian • Philosopher
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Bauer, Bruno
Bauer, Bruno (1809–82), German theologian and historian. He was at first a conservative *Hegelian, but, after moving from Berlin to Bonn in 1839, he adopted a position even more extreme than that of D. F. *Strauss and attributed the Gospel story to the imagination, not, like Strauss, of the Christian
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Bauer, Bruno
BAUER, BRUNO (1809–1882)German biblical critic of the nineteenth century who held radical views about Jesus and the New TestamentDuring his early years, Bauer was basically a conservative Hegelian theologian. In 1839 he changed teaching positions, moving from Berlin to Bonn; the change in geography