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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Briar, Brier
Briar, Brier. Prickly or thorny bush, frequently mentioned in the Bible.See Plants (Bramble; Thistle, Thorn).
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
BRIAR* Prickly or thorny bush, frequently mentioned in the Bible. See Plants (Bramble; Thistle, Thorn).
BRIER Prickly or thorny bush, frequently mentioned in the Bible. See Plants (Bramble; Thistle, Thorn).
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
BrierThis word occurs frequently, and is the translation of several different terms. (1.) Micah 7:4, it denotes a species of thorn shrub used for hedges. In Prov. 15:19 the word is rendered “thorn” (Heb. hedek, “stinging”), supposed by some to be what is called the “apple of Sodom” (q.v.).(2.) Ezek.
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
BrierBriers surely would evoke negative memories for persons living close to the land. Everybody hates briers; they are an infuriating ground cover that trips, scratches and generally makes walking through them miserable. Briers don’t just cause pain-they make you suffer. The scratches can make one’s
Compton’s Encyclopedia
Briercommon name for Erica arborea, an evergreen shrub or small tree of southern Europe; root used for tobacco pipes; grows up to 20 ft (6 m) high and has stems with long, ciliate hairs; bears an abundance of large, white, fragrant flowers in early spring; has needlelike leaves about a quarter of an
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
BRIER Translation of various Hebrew words referring to thorny plants. Used metaphorically of the enemies of Israel (Ezek. 28:24) and of land which is worthless (Isa. 5:6; 7:23–25; 55:13; cp. Mic. 7:4).
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
2. Brier
2. BrierBrier is mainly used for the boxthorn shrub (Lycium europaeum and other species). This is probably the bramble mentioned by Jotham (Judg 9:14). See BRIER.
BRIER [סִלּוֹןkhedheq, חֵדֶקsillon, שַׁיִתsirpadh, שָׁמִירshayith, סִרְפָּדshamir; ἄκανθα akantha, κόνυζα konyza, σκόλοφ skoloph]. The translation of several Hebrew terms describing vegetation of little or no value. Briers describes Israel’s enemies (Ezek 28:24). In Mic 7:4 and Isa 5:6; 7:23–25;
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