Bowls of Wrath
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Dictionary of the Later New Testament & Its Developments
BowlsThe Apocalypse (see Revelation, Book of) depicts a series of seven visions in which seven bowls containing the seven last plagues (“last” because they bring to completion the wrath of God [Rev 15:1]) are given to seven angels who are then summoned by a loud voice from the temple to pour out their
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Bowl Judgments
Bowl JudgmentsThe three sets of judgments that occur in the central section of the book of Revelation include the seven seals (Rev. 6:1–17; 8:1), the seven trumpets (8:6–9:21; 11:15–19), and the seven bowls (16:1–21). The bowls, like the trumpets, draw from the plagues of Exodus to depict the pouring
Golden Censor
Golden CensorThe golden censor or bowl is mentioned in Revelation 5:8; 15:7; 16:1–4, 8, 10, 12, 17; 17:1; 21:9. All these references draw on the background of the Old Testament liturgy of the Temple with its altars, menorah, bowls of incense, and the like. The background of the gold censor may also
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