Books of Ezra-Nehemiah
Books of Ezra and Nehemiah
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Ezra and Nehemiah, Books Of
Ezra and Nehemiah (nee-uh-mi´uh), books of, two books of the Christian ot that were originally a single work and are often studied as a combined book (Ezra–Nehemiah). In the Tanakh (Jewish Bible), Ezra–Nehemiah is found in the Writings section, or Ketuvim, immediately before the books of Chronicles.
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Ezra and Nehemiah, Books of
Ezra and Nehemiah, Books of. These Books continue the history of the Hebrew people begun in the Books of *Chronicles, extending the narrative from the end of the Babylonian Exile (c. 539 bc) down to the latter half of the 5th, or perhaps the beginning of the 4th, cent. bc; the greater part of it
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Ezra and Nehemiah, Books of (Writing)
EZRA AND NEHEMIAH, BOOKS OFEzra and Nehemiah are the most important sources for the history of the Jewish community after the return of exiles from their “Babylonian captivity.” Under the leadership of *Zerubbabel, *Ezra and *Nehemiah, the Jewish community succeeded in rebuilding the temple (see Postexilic
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EZRA AND NEHEMIAH, BOOKS OF ez´ruh, nee´huh-mi´uh [עֶזְרָא נְחֶמְיָחʿezraʾ nikhemyah; Ἔσδρας-Νεεμιάς Esdras Neemias]. Ezra and Nehemiah were originally considered one book, under the name of Ezra. In the Greek tradition they were considered two books as early as the 3rd cent. ce, by Origen, and the
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