Book of Nehemiah
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah, Book of
Nehemiah, Book of Details the final chronological events of the Old Testament and encourages Jews in the postexilic communities to remain obedient to the Mosaic law.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah, Book of
NEHEMIAH, BOOK OF One of the last of the Jewish historical books.PreviewBackgroundAuthorHistorical AuthenticityChronologySignificanceContentBackground In 597 bc Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon took away the first exiles from Jerusalem. In 586 bc the Babylonians returned, pillaged and burned
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Nehemiah, Book of (Writing)
NEHEMIAH, BOOK OF. The book bearing Nehemiah’s name appears in early MSS combined with Ezra as a single book. Certain Gr. MSS separated the two prior to the time of Origen and Jerome, but Heb. MSS combined them until a.d. 1448. Their union in the major codices (Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, and Alexandrinus)
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Nehemiah (Heb. nĕḥemyâ), BOOK OFThe second part of Ezra-Nehemiah recording the events of Nehemiah’s governorship. In English versions it is a separate book.
Catholic Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah, Book Of
NEHEMIAH, BOOK OF One of the Historical Books of the Old Testament. It is set in the fifth century b.c. and tells the story of a Jewish exile named Nehemiah who made it his mission to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and to restore the city to its former greatness.Originally, the Hebrew text of Nehemiah
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah the book of
Nehemi´ah, The book of, like the preceding one of Ezra, is clearly and certainly not all by the same hand. [Ezra, Book of.] By far the most important portion, indeed, is the work of Nehemiah; but other portions are either extracts from various chronicles and registers or supplementary narratives and
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah, Book of (Writing)
NEHEMIAH, BOOK OF. A postexilic book taking its name from its main character and traditional author, said to be “the words of Nehemiah the son of Hacaliah” (Neh. 1:1). The book occurs in the third section of the Heb. canon and constitutes one of the historical books of that group.
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Nehemiah, Book of (Writing)
Nehemiah, Book ofThe author of this book was no doubt Nehemiah himself. There are portions of the book written in the first person (ch. 1–7; 12:27–47, and 13). But there are also portions of it in which Nehemiah is spoken of in the third person (ch. 8; 9; 10). It is supposed that these portions may
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