Book of Joel
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Joel, Book of
Joel, Book of Part of the Minor Prophets (the book of the Twelve). The name Joel (יוֹאֵל‎, yo'el) means “YHWH is God.” The book itself is short, consisting of only three chapters.
Joel, Book of, Critical Issues
Joel, Book of, Critical Issues Overviews the critical issues relating to the book of Joel, including the date and historical setting of the book, different approaches to interpreting and structuring the text, and its place among the twelve Minor Prophets.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Joel, Book of
JOEL, BOOK OF. In the MT, Joel is the second of the twelve so-called Minor Prophets, and one of the shortest prophetic books in the Hebrew Bible.A. UnityB. Literary Structure1. The Book2. Community Lamentations and Prophetic Response3. Hymns of the ApocalypseC. Theological Themes1. The Day of
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Joel The second of the twelve Minor Prophets. The MT consists of four chapters, but the English versions, following the LXX and Vulgate, have combined chs 2 and 3 (=English 2:1–27 and 28–32) to give a total of three chapters. I. The Prophet II. The BookA. Outline of ContentsB. Problems of Composition
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Joel, Book of
JOEL, BOOK OF Old Testament book; second of the Minor Prophets.PreviewAuthorDateContentMessageAuthor In the first verse the contents of the book of Joel are described as the “message” of the Lord that “came to Joel, the son of Pethuel.” We are told nothing more in Scripture about Joel or Pethuel.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Joel, Book Of
Joel, book of, the second part of the Book of the Twelve in the Prophets section, or Nevi’im, in the Tanakh (Jewish Bible). It is the second book of the Minor Prophets in the ot. There is slightly different versification between the Hebrew and English versions of Joel. What is 2:28–32 in the English
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Joel, Book of (Writing)
JOEL, BOOK OFAuthorshipThe author cannot be identified with any of the other OT persons bearing this name, and nothing is known of him outside the book. Thus identification hinges on whether the name is historical or symbolic (see Joel). However well his name (“Yahweh is God”) expresses his message,
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Joel (Heb. Yôʾēl), Book ofThe second of the Minor Prophets. The book opens with a call for the elders and the people of the land to lament the unprecedented devastation caused by a locust plague. Joel links this plague to the coming day of Yahweh, compares it to an enemy assault on Jerusalem, and
Catholic Bible Dictionary
Joel, Book Of
JOEL, BOOK OF A prophetic book whose principal purpose is to call the nation to public repentance in the face of the coming Day of the Lord.
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
Joel, Book of
Joel, Book of. One of the twelve *Minor Prophets of the OT. Wide differences exist among scholars about the origin, purpose, and date of the Book, and about ‘Joel, the son of Pethuel’, nothing is known at all. The prophecy, for the most part written in poetic form, has two sections. The first (1:1–2:17)
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