Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Boat. Small watercraft. Boats mentioned in the Bible were propelled by oars or sails and used for fishing, travel, or as lifeboats on larger vessels.See Travel and Transportation.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Ships; Boats
Ships; Boats [Heb. ʾonîyâ (e.g., Gen. 49:13; Ezk. 27:9; cf. Ugar. anyt; AmTab 245:28, a-na-ya), ʾo, collective for ships in a fleet (e.g., 1 K. 9:26f.; 10:11, 22 [AV NAVY]; Isa. 33:21 [RSV GALLEY]), ṣî (cf. Egyp ḏ€iÙ—‘ferry across’), always of foreign ships (Nu. 24:24; Isa. 33:21; Ezk. 30:9,
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
BOAT Small watercraft. Boats mentioned in the Bible were propelled by oars or sails and used for fishing or travel, or as lifeboats on larger vessels. See Travel.
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
boats. The inland origin of the ancient Hebrews is apparent in the Bible’s infrequent references to boats and sailing. Still, the Israelites did know of traders and seafaring (e.g., 2 Chron. 8:17–18; 9:21; Pss. 104:26; 107:23–30; Prov. 31:14; Ezek. 27; 1 Macc. 8:23, 26, 28), and they were acquainted
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
A Roman merchantman of the first century. Department of Classics, New York UniversityBOATS. The people of ancient Israel were not a seafaring people, a fact that is strikingly illustrated by the very scattered mention of ships or boats in Scriptures. The Jordan River was not safely navigable and the
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
BOATS. As a farming people inhabiting the central highland region of Palestine, the Israelites, unlike the Phoenicians, were not sea-minded. References to boats inside Palestine are not numerous. There were ferry boats across the Jordan River (2 Sam. 19:18) and small fishing boats that plied the Sea
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
BOAT — a small vessel propelled by oars or a sail; a fishing boat. In the NKJV the word “boat” is found only in the New Testament, in the four gospels. The boats mentioned are usually associated with the ministry of Jesus and His disciples in the area around the Sea of Galilee. At least four of Jesus’
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
BoatThe boats of the Bible are tossed about on dark and stormy seas. In them God provides shelter from life-threatening danger. A boat is first found in Genesis 8 when God kept Noah, his family and the animals safe from the flood that destroyed all life in a boat called an ark. The safety Noah’s ark
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
BOATπλοῖον: AV ‘ship,’ RV ‘boat.’ πλοιάριον: Mk 3:9 AV ‘a small ship,’ RV ‘a little boat’; Jn 6:22 AV and RV ‘boat,’ RVm ‘little boat’; v. 24 ἐνεβησαν εἰς τα τλοιάρια AV ‘took shipping,’ RV ‘got into the boats,’ marg. ‘little boats’; 21:8 τῶ τλοιαριω AV ‘in a little ship,’ RV ‘in the little boat.’ [Lk
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Remains of a 1st-cent. wooden boat discovered near Kibbutz Ginnosar in Israel.boat. A craft for navigating the water, small enough to haul ashore or on board a ship. The boats employed on the Sea of Galilee were used primarily for fishing (Matt. 4:21, ploion G4450), but also for travel and trading
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BOAT [πλοῖον ploion, σκάφη skaphē]. Boats were small vessels powered either by rowing or small sails and used in smaller lakes and rivers, generally for fishing or local transportation. Jesus and the disciples were regularly associated with boats, and Jesus even used one as a platform for speaking