Billy Sunday
b. November 19, 1862 – d. November 6, 1935 • Evangelist
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Sunday, Billy
Sunday, Billy(1862–1935). Although he began his career as a baseball player, U.S. evangelist Billy Sunday was known as a charismatic and determined preacher. His sermons reflected the traumatic change that industrialized society caused in the lives of people in the United States.William Ashley Sunday
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Billy Sunday
Evangelists and ApologistsBilly SundaySalty evangelist“Nowadays we think we are too smart to believe in the Virgin birth of Jesus and too well educated to believe in the Resurrection. That’s why people are going to the devil in multitudes.”“Center fielder Billy Sunday made a three-base hit
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Sunday, William Ashley
Sunday, William (“billy”) Ashley (1862–1935)American evangelistBilly Sunday was born in Iowa, the youngest son of a Union soldier who died without ever seeing the child. The boy, after having moved several times with his mother and siblings and having spent a period in an orphanage, set out on his