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Pocket Dictionary of Ethics
racism. A form of *prejudice that discriminates among persons and social groups on the basis of ethnic origin or skin color. Racism is sometimes viewed in a positive light as the appropriate separation of humans into societies based on ethnicity and is defended by appeal to supposed distinctions among
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Racial Tension
RACIAL TENSION Unrest and division among people caused by differing racial origins. Personal identity in the ancient world was not primarily based on race but on family, tribal, city, national, ethnic, or religious ties.Shepherds (who were typically Semitic) were an abomination to the (non-Semitic)
Evangelical Dictionary of Theology
Racism. Learned belief in racial superiority, including the belief that race determines intellectual, cultural, and moral capacities. “Race” is actually a modern social construct and not strictly a biological reality. The practice of racism includes both prejudice and enacted discrimination against others
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
RACISM. Racism is grounded in the 19th-cent. belief that a particular group of people is superior to another based on assumptions about social and moral traits predetermined by innate biological characteristics. This biological understanding of racism assumes that race is immutable, typically determined
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