Bezek of the Census
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Bezek of the Census
Bezek of the Census (בֶּזֶק‎, bezeq). A city where King Saul mustered an army for battle against the Ammonites (1 Sam 11:8). The author of 1 Samuel includes a census of the forces from Israel and Judah.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
2. [Gk. B Abiezek]. The place where Saul marshaled his army before marching to the relief of Jabesh-gilead (1 S. 11:8). Eusebius (Onom) speaks of two villages of this name 17 Roman mi (25 km) from Shechem, on the way to Scythopolis. No doubt Khirbet Ibzîq is intended. The army probably assembled here
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
Bezek (bee´zik).1 A Canaanite city belonging to the Perizzites, ruled by Adoni-bezek, and conquered by the tribes of Judah and Simeon shortly after Joshua’s death (Judg. 1:1–7). It is usually located in north-central Canaan (see 2 below), but that site is in the territory of Manasseh. Since the tribes
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Bezek (Heb. bezeq)1. The town where the tribes of Judah and Simeon defeated Adoni-bezek and his army (Judg. 1:1–7). Its location is unknown. Most scholars equate this city with the Bezek NE of Shechem (2 below), but others would place it somewhere S of Shechem, probably closer to Jerusalem2. A town
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BEZEK bee´zik [בֶּזֶךbezekh]. 1. Saul mustered his troops at Bezek before his successful defense of JABESH-GILEAD from the Ammonites led by NAHASH (1 Sam 11:8). This Bezek is often identified with Khirbet Ibzek, north of Shechem.2. In Judg 1:4–5, Bezek refers to a place and (1:5–7) to a person, ADONI-BEZEK
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