The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Betomasthaim (Βαιτομασθαιμ, Baitomasthaim). Also spelled Betomesthaim. A city of Judah mentioned in the book of Judith (Judith 4:6; 15:4). It appears to have been a strategic location for the returned exiles.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Betomasthaim (Place)
BETOMASTHAIM (PLACE) [Gk Baitomasthaim (Βαιτομασθαιμ)]. Var. BETOMESTHAIM. Site mentioned in the book of Judith, the exact location of which is unknown (Jdt 4:6; 15:4). The first occurrence of the name in 4:6 gives the variant spelling baitomesthaim; however, there seems to be no reason to suppose the
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Bethomesthaim be-thō-məs-thāʹəm (Jth. 4:6; 15:4, NEB).See Betomesthaim.
Betomesthaim be-tō-məs-thāʹəm [Gk. Betomesthaim] (Jth. 4:6); AV BETOMESTHAM; BETOMASTHAIM [Gk. Baitomasthaim] (Jth. 15:4); AV BETOMASTHEM; NEB (both references) BETHOMESTHAIM.A place that “faces Esdraelon opposite the plain near Dothan” (Jth. 4:6). The name may have been Beth Mastema, “place of Mastema
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Betomasthaim, Betomesthaim
BETOMASTHAIM, BETOMESTHAIM Unidentified place located near Dothan, mentioned in the book of Judith. The inhabitants of Betomasthaim and Bethulia were ordered by the high priest to block the advancing Assyrian army that was led by Holofernes. After Holofernes was killed, Betomasthaim was one of the cities
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
BETOMESTHAIM; BETOMASTHAIM<be-to-mes’-tha-im>, <be-to-mes’-tham> the King James Version Betomestham, ([Βετομεσθάιμ, Betomesthaim] (Judith 4:6)): the King James Version Betomasthem ([Βαιτομασθάϊμ, Baitornasthaim] (Judith 15:4)): The place is said to have been “over against Jezreel, in the face
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Betomasthaim, Bethomesthaim
Betomasthaim, Bethomesthaim bet′uh-mas-thay′im (Βαιτομασθαιμ, Βαιτομεσθαιμ). KJV Betomasthem and Betomestham. Place unidentified but facing the plain of Esdraelon near Dothan (Jdt. 4:6). Because of this strategic military position, this city was requested by Joakim, high priest in Jerusalem, to block
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Betomesthaim, Betomasthaim
BETOMESTHAIM, bē-tō̇-mesʹthā̇-im, AV Betomestham, bē-tō̇-mesʹtham (Βετομεσθάιμ, Beto-mestháim [Jth 4:6]): BETOMASTHAIM, AV Betomasthem (Βαιτομασθάϊμ, Baitomastháïm [Jth 15:4]): The place is said to have been “over against Jezreel, in the face of [i.e. eastward of] the plain that is near Dothan.”
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BETOMASTHAIM bet´uh-mas-thay´im [Βαιτομαισθαίμ Baitomaisthaim]. A town mentioned twice in the book of Judith (Jdt 4:6; 15:4), although once with the variant spelling Betomesthaim, described as close to BETHULIA in the Samarian hill country. Its residents took part in the culminating attack against the