The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Beth-Haggan (בֵּ֣ית הַגָּ֑ן‎, beith haggan). The place where Jehu killed Ahaziah (2 Kgs 9:27). Based on the direction that Ahaziah fled, Beth-haggan may possibly be identified as the modern town of Jenin. For further information, see this article: Jenin.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Beth-Haggan (Place)
BETH-HAGGAN (PLACE) [Heb bêt haggān (בֵּית הַגָּן)]. A place toward which Ahaziah king of Judah fled when attacked by Jehu king of Israel (2 Kgs 9:27). Ahaziah was fleeing S from Jezreel (v 15) toward Samaria and Jerusalem. Thus he should have taken the main road going SW from Jezreel to modern Jenin,
JENIN (M.R. 178207). A modern Arab town located at the N end of the Wadi Belameh where it empties into the SE edge of the Plain of Jezreel, 100 km N of Jerusalem. In the center of the mouth of the Wadi Belameh lies Tell Jenin, one site among many that was occupied during the British Mandate. Tell Jenin
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Beth-haggan. Town to which King Ahaziah of Judah fled for his life from Jehu of Israel (2 Kgs 9:27, kjv garden house). It has been identified as modern Jenin. Beth-haggan was probably the same as En-gannim.
Garden House
Garden House. kjv translation of Beth-haggan in 2 Kings 9:27.See Beth-haggan.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Beth-Haggan beth-hagʹən [Heb. bêṯ-haggān—‘house (place) of the garden’].A place toward which Ahaziah fled from Jehu (2 K. 9:27). The AV translates “garden house,” but modern scholars incline to the identification with En-gannim (2) (Josh. 19:21), called in NT times Ginaea, modern Jenîn, about 11
Garden House
Garden House [Heb bêṯ haggān—‘house of the garden’]. The AV for RSV and NEB Beth-Haggan in 2 K. 9:27.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
BETH-HAGGAN Town to which King Ahaziah of Judah fled for his life from Jehu of Israel (2 Kgs 9:27). Beth-haggan was probably the same as En-gannim. It has been identified as modern Jenin.
Garden House
GARDEN HOUSE* kjv translation of Beth-haggan in 2 Kings 9:27. See Beth-haggan.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
BETH-HAGGAN. Translated “the garden house” in 2 Kgs 9:27, but probably the name of a town seven miles S of Jezreel toward which Ahaziah fled. This is modern Jenin, also called En-gannim (q.v.).
Garden House
GARDEN HOUSE. Mentioned in 2 Kgs 9:27, “when Ahaziah … fled by the way of the garden house.” Since he fled in his chariot, pursued by Jehu, the “garden house” must have been some distance from the winter palace in Jezreel and may possibly be identified with En-gannim (q.v.) Josh 19:21), about “seven
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Beth-Haggan (Heb. bêṯ-haggān)A town to which King Ahaziah fled from Jehu (2 Kgs. 9:27). It is located at modern Jenɩ̂n (178207), ca. 10 km. (6 mi.) S of Jezreel near Ibleam.
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Beth-Haggan [bĕth hăgˊən] (Heb. bêṯ-haggān “house of the garden”). A town to which king Ahaziah fled from Jehu (2 Kgs. 9:27). It is located approximately 10 km. (6 mi.) south of Jezreel near Ibleam; the modern site is called Jenîn (cf. Engannim, Josh. 19:21; 21:29).
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
BETH-HAG´GAN (beth-hagʹan; “house of the garden”). A place by way of which King Ahaziah fled from Jehu (2 Kings 9:27, NASB, “garden house”). The “garden house” cannot have been in the royal gardens but must have stood at some distance from the city of Jezreel, as Ahaziah went away by the road leading
Garden House
GARDEN HOUSE. The rendering in the NASB and KJV (2 Kings 9:27) of Heb. bêt haggān, in the reference to Ahaziah’s fleeing “by the way of the garden house,” although the NIV retains “Beth Haggan.” “The ‘garden house’ cannot have formed a portion of the royal gardens, but must have stood at some distance
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Beth Haggan
BETH HAGGAN [beth HAG un] (garden house) — a town toward which King Ahaziah fled as he escaped from Jehu (2 Kin. 9:27).
Garden House
GARDEN HOUSE — a place south of the Valley of Jezreel toward which Ahaziah, king of Judah, fled when pursued by Jehu (2 Kin. 9:27, KJV, NASB; Beth Haggan, NKJV, NIV; Bethhaggan REB, NRSV).
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
BETH-HAGGAN<beth-hag’-an> (בֵּית הַגָּן‎ [beth-ha-gan], “house of the garden”). The place where Ahaziah was slain by Jehu (2 Kings 9:27). The words are rendered in English Versions of the Bible “the garden house,” but some take them to be a proper name. The location is doubtful.
GARDEN-HOUSE([בֵּית הַגָּן‎, beth ha-gan]): A place mentioned in describing the flight of Ahaziah, king of Judah, from Jehu (2 Ki 9:27). Probably we ought not to translate the Hebrew, but take it as a proper name, Beth-Haggan (which see). If he fled southward, the town might possibly be Jenin,
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
BETH-HAGGAN (Bĕth-hăgʹ găn) Place-name (NIV, TEV, NRSV) or common noun (KJV, NASB) meaning “house of the garden.” King Ahaziah of Judah (841 b.c.) fled there from Jehu, but Jehu finally caught up and killed him (2 Kings 9:27). It is probably modern Jenin, southeast of Tanaach.
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