Baal-Meon • Beth Baal Meon
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Beth-Baal-Meon (Place)
BETH-BAAL-MEON (PLACE) [Heb bêt baʿal măʿôn (בֵּית בַּעַל מֲעֹון)]. A northern Moabite town more commonly called Baal-meon, also known as Beth-meon and, probably, Beon. After the Hebrew victory over the Amorites, this settlement was assigned to the tribe of Reuben (Num 32:3, 38; Josh 13:17; 1 Chr
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Beth-baal-meon. Alternate name for Baal-meon, a city in Reuben’s territory, in Joshua 13:17.See Baal-meon.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Beth-Baal-Meon beth-bāl-mēʹon [Heb. bêṯ ba‘al me‘ôn—‘Baal’s dwelling place’] (Josh. 13:17). See Baal-meon.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
BETH-BAAL-MEON Alternate name for Baal-meon, a city in Reuben’s territory, in Joshua 13:17. See Baal-meon.
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
BETH-BAAL-MEON. The town’s full name (Josh 13:17), but also written Baal-meon (Num 32:38; 1 Chr 5:8; Ezk 25:9), Beth-meon (Jer 48:23), and Beon (q.v.; Num 32:3). The town was built by the children of Reuben along with Nebo, “their names being changed” (Num 32:38). As Beth-baal-meon it was given by Moses
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Beth-Baal-Meon (Heb. bêṯ baʿal mĕʿôn)An alternative name for Baal-meon (Josh. 13:17).
The Archaeological Encyclopedia of the Holy Land
Beth-Baal-Meon; Baal-Meon
BETH-BAAL-MEON; BAAL-MEON A town in Moab, in the vicinity of Medaba, in the territory of Reuben (Josh. 13:17), also named Baal-Meon (Num. 32:38) and Beth-Meon (Jer. 48:23). It was conquered in the middle of the 9th century bc by Mesha, King of Moab, who subsequently rebuilt it (Inscriptions). The name
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Beth-baal-me´on (house of Baal-meon), a place in the possessions of Reuben, on the downs (Authorized Version “plain”) east of Jordan. Josh. 13:17. At the Israelites’ first approach its name was Baal-meon, Num. 32:38, or, in its contracted form, Beon, 32:3, to which the Beth was possibly a Hebrew addition.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
BETH-BA´AL-ME´ON (beth-baʹȧl-mēʹon; “house of Baal-meon”). One of the places assigned to Reuben in the plains E of the Jordan (Josh. 13:17), known formerly as Baal-meon (Num. 32:38) or Beon (32:3), to which the Beth was possibly a Heb. prefix. It is identified with the present ruins of Ma‘in, in N
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Beth Baal Meon
BETH BAAL MEON [beth BAY uhl ME ahn] (Baal’s dwelling place) — an Amorite city east of the Jordan River on the northern border of Moab allotted to the Reubenites (Josh. 13:17). It also was called Beon (Num. 32:3), Baal Meon (Num. 32:38), and Beth Meon (Jer. 48:23).
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
BETH-BAAL-MEON (Bĕth-bāʹ ȧl-mēʹ ŏn) Place-name meaning “house of Baal’s residence.” City allotted tribe of Reuben (Josh. 13:17). Same as Baal-meon. See Baal-meon.
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