Bernardino Ochino
b. 1487 – d. 1564 • Protestant • Protestant Reformer
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Ochino, Bernardino
Ochino, Bernardino (1487–1564), Protestant Reformer. A native of Siena, he joined the *Observantine Franciscans and rose to be their general. In 1534 he transferred to the still more austere *Capuchins, of whom he was twice (in 1538 and 1541) the vicar-general. His preaching was so eloquent and moving
The Westminster Dictionary of Theologians
Ochino, Bernardino
Ochino, Bernardino (1487–1564). Reformer born in Siena, Italy. While he was still young he joined the Franciscans under the impact of ⇒Savonarola. In 1534 he joined the Capuchins, and on two occasions was elected general of the order. Because of his exemplary life and his inspired oratory he was recognized
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Ochino, Bernardino
Ochino, Bernardino (1487–1564). An Italian *Capuchin monk and vicar general of the order renowned for his power of preaching, Ochino became a Protestant at fifty-four years of age. He formed a close link with fellow reformer *Peter Martyr Vermigli. Fleeing the *Inquisition in Italy, Ochino went to Geneva
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Ochino, Bernardino (c. 1487–1564)
OCHINO, BERNARDINO (c. 1487–1564)An Italian Reformer, popular evangelist and author, Ochino was born in Siena, joined the *Franciscans at the age of eighteen and studied medicine at Perugia. Transferring to the newly founded Capuchins in 1534, he was elected Vicar-General of the Order in 1538 and 1541.
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Ochino, Bernardino
Ochino, Bernardino (1487–1564)Italian Catholic-turned-Protestant ReformerA native of Siena, Ochino joined the Franciscan Order around 1504 and then became vicar-general of the stricter, newly founded order of the Capuchins (1538–1542). He became a renowned penitential preacher, and after being commissioned