Berengar of Tours
b. AD 1000 – d. January 6, 1088 • Scholar • Theologian
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Berengar of Tours
Berengar of Tours (c. 1010–88), pre-scholastic theologian. Berengar’s family was associated with St Martin’s, Tours, and by 1030 he was a canon there. After studying at *Chartres, c. 1028, when *Fulbert was bishop, he took service with Geoffrey Martel, Count of Anjou (1040–60). By 1040 he was archdeacon
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berengarius. A writer of the eleventh century, celebrated for having anticipated the Sacrameutarians of a later age in assailing the mystery of the Eucharist. He was born, probably at Tours, about a.d. 1000, and was about forty years of age when he was made Archdeacon of Angers. At this period of his
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Berengarius, Heresy Of
Berengarius (Heresy of).—Up to the tenth century, the Real Presence had not really been called into question. Berengarius of Tours, was the first who impugned the Presence of our Lord in the Holy Eucharist and the doctrine of Transubstantiation, and thus anticipated the Sacramentarians of a later age.
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Berengar of Tours
Berengar of Tours (ca. 1000–ca. 1088). Central character in a great eucharistic controversy that frequently receives his name. B. was a disciple of ⇒Fulbert of Chartres, although the latter eventually repudiated him. After the death of Fulbert, B. established himself in the monastery of St. Martin of
Bernard Silvester
Bernard Silvester (?–ca. 1167). Philosopher, poet, and humanist. Also known as Bernard of Tours, presumably the city of his birth. B. sought to correlate biblical thought with Greek mythology in order to obtain, through the use of Greek ideas, a more rational comprehension of biblical cosmology. In his
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Berengar (c. 999–1088)
BERENGAR (c. 999–1088)Berengar was the last important opponent of transubstantiation before *Wyclif. He was rector of the schools of St Martin at Tours and archdeacon of Angers. In 1049 he addressed a letter to Lanfranc (c. 1005–89), then prior of Bec, and a firm upholder of the *eucharistic teaching
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Berengar of Tours
BERENGAR OF TOURS (c. 1000–1088)Medieval French scholarA pupil of Fulbert of Chartres, and from 1029 a student and later head of the school at Tours, Berengar was also an archdeacon at Angers. He appeared as a leading thinker at a time when many questions were being raised about the authority and traditions