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Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Couch. Article of furniture for reclining in sleep or rest.See Furniture.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Bed [Heb. yāṣa‘—‘spread out’ (e.g., Isa. 14:11), yaṣû (a)‘—‘that which is spread out’ (e.g., Ps. 132:3), miṭṭâ—‘place of reclining’ (e.g., 2 K. 4:10), miškāḇ—‘place of lying’ (e.g., 2 S. 4:11), ’āp̱îq—‘channel, stream’ (Joel 3:18), arûg̱â—‘garden terrace’ (e.g., Ezk. 17:7, 10), ‘ereś
The HarperCollins Bible Dictionary (Revised and Updated)
bed, a place to recline. In biblical times, most people slept on the floor or on a mud-brick bench (1 Sam. 28:23; Mark 4:21) using garments for mattress and blankets (Exod. 22:27). The well-to-do often had a separate bedchamber (2 Sam. 4:7; 2 Kings 11:2) with elaborate furnishings (Esther 1:6). A wooden
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Wooden bedstead covered with thick gold and mesh of linen cord, from the tomb of Tutankhamon. LLBED. A number of terms are used, often interchangeably, which are rendered “bed” or the equivalents: “pallet,” “couch,” or “litter.” The form depended on the economic status of the individual. The simplest
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
BedThe two most prominent Hebrew words for bed are miškāḇ, “place of lying, couch,” and miṭṭâ, “place of reclining” or “couch.” The NT counterparts are Gk. krábattos, more often rendered “mat” or “pallet” in modern translations, and klɩ́nē, “bed, couch.”Most beds were portable. Archaeological
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Bed. The Jewish bed consisted of the mattress, a mere mat, or one or more quilts; the covering, a finer quilt, or sometimes the outer garment worn by day, 1 Sam. 19:13, which the law provided should not be kept in pledge after sunset, that the poor man might not lack his needful covering, Deut. 24:13;
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
BED. A common article of domestic furniture. In the ancient Near East, however, the poor and travelers often slept on the ground, using their outer garment as a covering (Gen. 28:11; Ex. 22:26–27). Sometimes a bed might be no more than a mat of rough material easily carried about (Matt. 9:6), but regular
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Bed(Heb. mittah), for rest at night (Ex. 8:3; 1 Sam. 19:13, 15, 16, etc.); during sickness (Gen. 47:31; 48:2; 49:33, etc.); as a sofa for rest (1 Sam. 28:23; Amos 3:12). Another Hebrew word (er’es) so rendered denotes a canopied bed, or a bed with curtains (Deut. 3:11; Ps. 132:3), for sickness (Ps.
Harper’s Bible Dictionary
Bedbed (couch), a place to recline. A variety of terms are used with little distinction in meaning. A wooden bed frame (ninth century b.c.) still showing signs of stringing has been found in a tomb in Jericho and is perhaps the type of bed mentioned in 2 Kings 4:10 and 2 Chron. 16:14. Most people slept
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
PALLET — KJV word for a straw-filled mattress, light enough to be carried; the mat of a poor man (John 5:8–11; Acts 5:15; bed, NKJV; mat, NIV).
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