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The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
BEATING. This was a common form of punishment throughout the East. Beating administered with a rod should be distinguished from scourging inflicted with a whip of several lashes, often reenforced with sharp pieces of metal or bone (Macc 6:30; 7:1; Mt 10:17; Acts 22:25).The dungeon at the traditional
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
BEATING. A punishment in universal use throughout the East. It appears to be designated by the Heb. phrase “rod of discipline,” shebeṭ mûsār (Prov. 22:15). Beating with rods (“scourging,” Matt. 27:26; “chastising,” Deut. 22:18) was established by law and was quite common among the Jews (Prov. 10:13;
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Bastinadobeating, a mode of punishment common in the East. It is referred to by “the rod of correction” (Prov. 22:15), “scourging” (Lev. 19:20), “chastising” (Deut. 22:18). The number of blows could not exceed forty (Deut. 25:2, 3).
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
Beat, Beating
Beat, BeatingThe nearly eighty references to beating fall into distinct clusters. Harvesting accounts for several of these. One is the process of separating the useful nutritional parts of a harvested crop from its waste. Thus olives are beaten for oil (Ex 29:40; Lev 24:2; Deut 24:20) and wheat is beaten
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BEATEN [כָּתַתkathath, נָכָהnaghaf, נָגַףnakhah; δέρω derō, κολαφίζω kolaphizō, ῥαβδίζω rhabdizō]. The terms translated “beaten” in the NRSV appear primarily in situations of physical violence. Four pentateuchal texts use the term nakhah. In Exod 5:14, the Israelite supervisors are beaten by their