Battle preparations
Preparations for battle and warfare.
Key passages
Jdt 2:14–18

So Holofernes went out from the presence of his lord, and he called all the commanders and generals and officers of the army of Assyria, He also mustered choice men for an army exactly as his lord commanded him, up to one hundred and twenty thousand soldiers and …

Jdt 5:1

And it was reported to Holofernes, the commander-in-chief of the army of Assyria, that the children of Israel had prepared themselves for war and had closed the passes of the hills and fortified every highest point of highest mountain and set in place traps on the …

Jdt 7:5

Then each man took up his implements of war, and after lighting fires on their towers, they stood fast, keeping guard that whole night.

1 Mac 6:33–38

And the king rose early in the morning and departed from the camp in its fury down the road to Beth-zechariah, and the soldiers prepared for battle and sounded the trumpets. And to the elephants they gave juice of grapes and mulberries to arouse them for the battle. And they divided the animals …

1 Mac 12:27

So when the sun had set, Jonathan commanded those beside him to be awake and to be at their weapons to prepare for battle for the whole night, and he placed advanced guards around the camp.