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Bargaining • Cheap • Negotiation
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Bargain [Heb. kārâ] (Job 6:27; 41:6); AV “dig a pit,” “make a banquet”; NEB “hurl,” HAGGLE; [kāraṯ (Isa. 57:8), kāraṯ berîṯ (Hos. 12:1)]; AV “make a covenant”; NEB also “make a treaty” (Hos. 12:1). The AV reflects an accepted meaning of the verb kārâ in Job 6:27; however, the RSV rendering
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Bargain. Into the bargain. In addition thereto; besides what was bargained for.To make the best of a bad bargain. To bear bad luck, or a bad bargain, with equanimity.