Bar Kokhba
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Bar Kokhba
Bar Kokhba (שִׂמְעוֹן בַּר־כּוֹכְבָא‎, sim'on bar-kokheva'; “Simon son of the star”). Leader of the rebel forces in the Second Judaeo-Roman War (ad 132–135). He led a successful revolt for three and a half years using guerrilla tactics, but ultimately succumbed to Roman forces.
Bar Kokhba Letters
Bar Kokhba Letters Two collections of letters written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek from the time of the Bar Kokhba Revolt addressed to various commanders concerning orders and preparations to be made during the Jewish rebellion against Rome.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Bar Kokhba
BAR KOKHBA. The name given to Simon bar Kosiba, leader of the unsuccessful Jewish revolt against Rome ca. 132–135 c.e. Today the name is often used as an adjective to modify this “Second Jewish Revolt” or “Bar Kokhba Revolt” (the first being the Jewish War of 66–70 c.e.), as well as a cache of documents
Simon (Person)
SIMON (PERSON) [Gk Simōn (Σιμων)]. The name of a number of persons mentioned both in the Apocryphal literature of the OT as well as in the NT.1. Simon Chosamaeus (Gk Chosamaios), who provided a list of those who were found to have married foreign wives (1 Esdr 9:32; cf. Shimeon in Ezra 10:31).2. Simon
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Bar-Kochba, Bar-Kokba
BAR-KOCHBA*, BAR-KOKBA* Hero of the second Jewish revolt against Rome (ad 132–135) during the latter days of the emperor Hadrian’s rule. In Jewish sources he is referred to as Bar (or Ben) Koziba; his name means “son of a star.” Reasons for the rebellion are not fully known, but they include Hadrian’s
BAR-KOZIBA* Original name of Simeon Bar-Kochba, leader of the Jewish revolt against the Romans in Palestine during the reign of Emperor Hadrian. See Bar-Kochba, Bar-Kokba.
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Bar Kokhba
Bar Kokhba (Aram. bar kôḵbāʾ)Title given by his supporters to Simon bar Kosiba, leader of the Second Jewish Revolt (132–135 c.e.). Most frequently used in early Christian writings, this epithet sometimes appears in rabbinic texts. According to rabbinic tradition, Bar Kokhba (“son of the star”) was
Simon (Gk. Sɩ́mon; Heb. šimʿôn)1. Simon, surnamed the Just (Gk. dikaios, also meaning “righteous”), who according to Josephus (Ant. 12.43) succeeded his father Onias in the high priesthood. This places him within the period of Ptolemy I’s rule over Judea (301–282 b.c.e.). A scholion to Megillat Taʿanit
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Bar Kokhba
Bar Kokhba [bär kōkˊbə] (“son of the star,” derived from Num. 24:17, “a star [Heb. kôḵāḇ] shall come forth out of Jacob”). Surname of Simon (or Simeon), leader of the second rebellion of the Jews against the Romans under Emperor Hadrian. The revolt, which lasted from A.D. 132 to 135, was prepared
Dictionary of New Testament Background
Simon Ben Kosiba
SIMON BEN KOSIBAThe last significant Jewish freedom fighter of late antiquity, Simon ben Kosiba, also known by various sobriquets, attempted to cast off the Roman yoke in a.d. 132 but was finally defeated in 135. His defeat was a disaster for the Jewish people, ending any hope of rebuilding the temple
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Bar-Cochebas (Aram, son of the star).—A Hebrew whose real name was Simeon from the town of Coziba. The heroic leader of the Jewish insurrection against the Romans (122–135 a.d.). He was believed by many Jews to be the Messias, was proclaimed king, and maintained his cause against Hadrian for two years,
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
BAR-KOCHBA (Bär-Kōkʹ bȧ) Means “son of the star” and was the title given by Jewish rebels to Simeon bar Kosevah, the leader of their revolt in a.d. 132–135. The title designated him as the Messiah (Num. 24:17). The revolt erupted because the Roman Emperor Hadrian had begun to rebuild Jerusalem as
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Bar Kokhba
Bar Kokhba bahr-kohk′buh (Aram. בַּר כּוֹכְבָּא, “son of the star”). Also Bar Cochba and Bar Kochba. Sobriquet given to Simon ben Kosiba, leader of the Jews in their disastrous second war with Rome, a.d. 132–135. See Wars, Jewish. This revolt was apparently precipitated by Hadrian’s move to found a non-Jewish
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BAR KOCHBA, SIMON. Leader of the Jewish revolt against Rome in the years 132–35 ce. The name Bar Kochba, emanating from the Aramaic “star” (related to kokhav [כּוֹכָב]), is found only in the writings of the church father EUSEBIUS, who explains the title as deriving from the belief in the man’s messianic