Bank of River
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Bank [Heb. śāp̱â, gāḏâ, giḏyâ; Gk. krēmnós, trápeza, chárax]; AV also BRINK, BEFORE (THE RIVER), SIDE, PLACE, COAST, STEEP PLACE, TRENCH (Lk. 19:43); NEB also RIVER-BANK, BESIDE, GORGE (Dt. 2:37), BY, EDGE, SIEGE-WORKS (Lk. 19:43).All the OT occurrences refer to the bank(s) of a river:
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
BANK<bank>:1. (שָׂפָה‎ [saphah], “lip,” “edge”): “By the bank of the Jordan” (2 Kings 2:13); “Upon the bank of the river were very many trees” (Ezekiel 47:7, 12).2. (גָּדָה‎ [gadhah], “cuttings”): Always of banks overflowed (Joshua 3:15; 4:18; Isaiah 8:7), as also3. (גִּדיָה
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Bank of a River
Bank of a River. Stand with your back to the source, and face to the sea or outlet: the left bank is on your left, and right bank on your right hand.Sisters of the Bank, i.e. of the bankside, “the brothel quarter” of London. Now removed to a different quarter, and divided into “North” and “South.”“On
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Bank, the rendering in our Authorized Version of two Hebrew words and one Greek word.1. A Hebrew word which means the shore of a river or sea (Gen. 41:17).2. A Hebrew word which designates the mound raised against a besieged city (2 Sam. 20:15; 2 Kings 19:32; Isa. 37:33).3. A Greek word which, having
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Bank of River
bank of river. The outer limiting border of a river. The most common Hebrew word for “bank” is śāpâ H8557 (lit., “lip”), sometimes used of the shore or edge of the sea (1 Ki. 9:26), but more often referring to the bank of a river (Gen. 41:17; Exod. 2:3; Ezek. 47:7, 12). Another term is gidyâ H1536,
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
BANK, baṇk:(1) (שָׂפָה‎, sāphāh, “lip,” “edge”): “By the b. of the Jordan” (2 K 2:13); “Upon the b. of the river were very many trees” (Ezk 47:7, 12).(2) (גָּדָה‎, gādhāh, “cuttings”): Always of banks overflowed (Josh 3:15; 4:18; Isa 8:7), as also(3) (גִּדְיָה‎, gidhyāh, 1 Ch 12:15).(4) (סֹלְלָה‎,
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
BANK [שָׂפָהsafah; κρημνός krēmnos]. The edge of a river or sea where the water meets the dry land. In the cosmology of the OT, water and land were two different realms, separated by God during creation (Gen 1:9–10). A bank therefore formed the boundary between two domains. This may explain why animals
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