Bani (father of Uzzi)
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Bani, Father of Uzzi
Bani, Father of Uzzi (בָּנִי‎, baniy). Ancestor or father of a Levite chief under Nehemiah (Neh 11:22).
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Bani (Person)
BANI (PERSON) [Heb bānı̂ (בָּנִי)]. The name of several persons found especially in the postexilic literature of Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah. Bānı̂ is a short form of the more recognizable name BENAIAH [Heb bĕnāyāh, bĕnāyāhû], meaning “Yahweh has built” (from the root bānâ, “to build”).1.
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Bani [Bay-ni](Hebrew origin: Built or My son)(2 Samuel 23:36). 10th century b.c. Bani the Gadite was one of “The Thirty,” an elite army group in King David’s army.(1 Chronicles 6:46). Unspecified date. Bani, son of Shamer, was a descendant of Merari. His descendant Ethan was one of the Levites appointed
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Bani [-nī] (1) a Gadite warrior, one of David’s “Mighty Men” (2 Sam. 23:36) (2) an ancestor of Ethan, a Merarite Levite in the time of David (1 Chron. 6:46) (3) an ancestor of Uthai, a Judahite in post-exilic Jerusalem (1 Chron. 9:4) (4) the ancestor of a family group that returned from the Babylonian
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