Balthasar Hubmaier
b. 1480 – d. March 10, 1528 • Anabaptist • Theologian
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Hubmaier, Balthasar
Hubmaier, Balthasar (?1485–1528), German *Anabaptist. He studied under J. *Eck at Freiburg (Breisgau) and Ingolstadt, at the latter place becoming professor and parish priest. In 1516 he was appointed preacher at Regensburg Cathedral, and in 1521 parish priest at Wald-shut. Here he came into contact
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Hübmaier, Balthasar
Hübmaier, Balthasar (ca. 1480–1528). German Anabaptist leader, the best theological expositor of Anabaptism in its beginnings. Ordained to the priesthood, he earned a doctorate in theology and was then named preacher in Regensburg. There he became a populist leader and then traveled to other cities,
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Hubmaier, Balthasar
Hubmaier, Balthasar (c. 1480–1528). An early *Anabaptist in southern Germany, Hubmaier was influenced by the Swiss Brethren of Zurich. Earning a doctoral degree from the University of Ingolstadt, Hubmaier was one of the most highly educated of early Anabaptists. His main ministry was in the town of Waldshut,
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Hubmaier, Balthasar
Hubmaier, Balthasar (ca. 1480–1528). A South German Reformer and writer. Born in Friedberg near Augsburg, Hubmaier was sometimes known as Dr. Friedberger. He studied with the famous Johann Eck, Luther’s later opponent, at the University of Freiburg, and earned his BA degree, but later followed Eck to
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Hubmaier, Balthasar (1481–1528)
HUBMAIER, BALTHASAR (1481–1528)Born in Friedberg in Bavaria, Hubmaier studied in Ingolstadt, and was appointed to Regensburg as the chaplain at a significant Marian shrine. He made an impact on the city through his preaching, a skill that was to remain important throughout his ministry. His commitment
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Hubmaier, Balthasar
Hubmaier, Balthasar (c. 1481–1528)German AnabaptistHubmaier was born in Friedberg, and in 1503 he entered the University of Friedberg, where one of his professors was Johann Eck, later one of Luther’s principal Roman Catholic opponents. In 1512 he was appointed professor of theology at the University