Babylon in the NT
Babylon (NT) • Babylon in the New Testament
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Babylon in the NT
Babylon in the NT Babylon (GK. Babylōn) is used in the NT both literally and symbolically. In Mt. 1:11f, 17; Acts 7:43 the old Mesopotamian city is plainly meant. These all refer to the Captivity in Babylon.All the references to Babylon in Revelation are evidently symbolic: cf. 14:8; 16:19; 17:5;
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Babylon in the New Testament
BABYLON IN THE NEW TESTAMENT — In the Book of Revelation the world in rebellion against God is called “Babylon.” The Old Testament prophets often prophesied the fall of Babylon, the capital of an empire that destroyed God’s city, Jerusalem, and carried His people away as captives. So in Revelation Babylon
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BABYLON IN THE NEW TESTAMENT:Babylon [Βαβυλω̂ν, Babulon], is used in New Testament in at least two different senses:
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Babylon (NT)
Babylon (NT) bab′uh-luhn (Βαβυλών G956). Name of the world center, both literal and allegorical, that acted against God’s people. See also Babylon (OT).
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Babylon in the NT
BABYLON IN THE NT: Babylon (Βαβυλῶν, Babulō̇n), is used in NT in at least two different senses:
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