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The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
AXE. Axes were among the commonest tools of Palestine (Isa 10:15). With other such tools they required hard toil (2 Sam 12:31; 1 Chr 20:3, both RSV).As to material, earliest cutting tools were of bone, flint, or stone, later bronze, and beginning about 1200 b.c., iron. (The “axe head” in 2 Kgs 6:5 is
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Axe. An instrument for cutting wood; also used as a weapon of war. See Weapons.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
Axe Head
AXE HEAD (Heb. barzel). In 2 Kings 6:5 the term is literally “iron,” but as an axe is certainly intended, the passage shows that the axe heads among the Hebrews were of iron. Those found in Egypt are of bronze, such as was anciently used, but they have made them also of iron, the latter having been consumed
Axe, Ax
AXE, AX. The rendering of several original words:1. Heb. garzen (“cut”). This appears to have consisted of a head of iron (Isa. 10:34), fastened with thongs or otherwise, upon a handle of wood, and so liable to slip off (Deut. 19:5; 2 Kings 6:5). It was used for felling trees (Deut. 20:19) and for shaping
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Axeused in the Authorized Version of Deut. 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings 6:7, as the translation of a Hebrew word which means “chopping.” It was used for felling trees (Isa. 10:34) and hewing timber for building. It is the rendering of a different word in Judg. 9:48, 1 Sam. 13:20, 21, Ps. 74:5, which refers
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
AX (AXE); AX-HEAD<aks>; <aks’hed>: Nine different Hebrew words have been rendered “ax”:1. גַּרַזֶן‎ [garzen]. This unquestionably was one of the larger chopping instruments, as the uses to which it was put would imply (Deuteronomy 19:5; 20:19; 1 Kings 6:7; Isaiah 10:15). The modern ax used
Compton’s Encyclopedia
axPaleolithic hand axes were teardrop-shaped stone tools with two sharpened edges that met at a …Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.or axe, hand tool used since Stone Age to chop, split, chip, and pierce; originally made of stone, then of wooden haft, or handle, and copper, bronze, or iron blade;
Dictionary of Phrase and Fable
Axe.To hang up one’s axe.” To retire from business, to give over a useless project. The allusion is to the ancient battle-axe, hung up to the gods when the fight was done. All classical scholars will call to mind the allusion of Horace to a similar Roman custom. Being snubbed by Pyrrha, he says, “He
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Axe. In our Authorized Version seven Hebrew words are rendered “axe,” the one of most common occurrence being garzen, from a root signifying “to cut or sever.” It consisted of a head of iron fastened with thongs or otherwise upon a handle of wood, and so liable to slip off (Deut. 19:5; 2 Kings 6:5).
A Dictionary of Christ and the Gospels: Aaron–Zion
AXE.—This word occurs twice in the Gospels (Mt 3:10, Lk 3:9), each time in the report of the preaching of the Baptist. The old familiar tool of peace and weapon of war (1 K 6:7, Ps 74:5, Jer 51:20) has become a metaphor for the ministry of men with a mission of reform. This suits the spirit of one who,
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Ax, Ax Head
AX, AX HEAD English translation of several Hebrew terms indicating cutting instruments used in normal small industry and in war. 1. Barzel is the Hebrew term for iron and is used for the iron portion of an ax (Isa. 10:34; 2 Kings 6:5). The ax was used to fell trees. Elisha was able through miraculous
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Ax, Axhead
Very ancient copper ax with gold binding on shaft (c. 2500 b.c.). Discovered at Ur, grave PG 580.ax, axhead. Various Hebrew words are translated “ax” (“axe”) in the English versions. The one term specifically meaning “ax” in the modern sense is garzen H179, a bronze or iron implement for hewing wood,
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