The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Avvim of Benjamin
Avvim of Benjamin (עַוִּים‎, awwim). An ancient city in Benjaminite territory mentioned in Josh 18:23.
Avvim of Philistia
Avvim of Philistia (עַוִּים‎, awwim). Also called Avvites. An ancient people who lived in western Canaan before the time of Moses (Deut 2:23; Josh 13:3). Not to be confused with the Avvites of 2 Kgs 17:24, 31.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Avvim (Place)
AVVIM (PLACE) [Heb hāʿawı̂m (הָעַוִים‎)]. 1. A “place” listed in the 1st city list of the tribe of Benjamin (Josh 18:23) between Bethel and Parah (modern Kh. Abu Musarrah, M.R. 177137). There is general agreement among scholars that Avvim actually represents not a geographical name but a gentilic (Joshua
Baker Encyclopedia of the Bible
Avvim (Place)
Avvim (Place). City in Benjamin’s allotment (Jos 18:23, kjv Avim), located south of Bethel.
Avim (Place)
Avim (Place). kjv spelling of Avvim, a Benjamite city, in Joshua 18:23.See Avvim (Place).
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Avvim avʹim; AVVITES avʹīts [Heb. ‘awwîm], AV AVIM; AVIMS; AVITES. The name of a people and a place.
2. Avvim was one of the cities of the tribe of Benjamin (Josh. 18:23), probably near Bethel. However, since the form is gentilic and occurs with the definite article, it is tempting to read “Bethel and (the village of) the Avvim”—although one hesitates to suggest that they were the people of Ai.W. S.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
Avvim (Place)
AVVIM (Place) City in Benjamin’s allotment (Jos 18:23), located south of Bethel.
AVIM* kjv spelling of Avvim, a Benjamite city, in Joshua 18:23. See Avvim (Place).
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
AVIM, AVITES1. An aboriginal Canaanite people who lived in the area around Gaza. At the time of the Philistine invasions, all except a small remnant were destroyed (Deut 2:23; Josh 13:3). See also Hazerim.2. A city S of Bethel in Benjamin (Josh 18:23).3. Inhabitants of Ava (q.v.; 2 Kgs 17:24) in Syria,
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Avvim (Heb. ʿawwɩ̂m)1. The inhabitants of the region later called the Philistine Plain, near Gaza, before the Philistines (“Caphtorim”) destroyed them and settled in the area (Deut. 2:23). Some were apparently displaced to the south (cf. Josh. 13:3).2. A city within the territory of the tribe of Benjamin
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Avvim (Place)
AVVIM [avˊĭm] (Heb. ˓awwîm) (PLACE). A city in the tribal territory of Benjamin (Josh. 18:23; KJV “Avim”), near Bethel and perhaps identical with Ai.
Catholic Bible Dictionary
AVVIM The inhabitants of southwest Palestine in the period before the Philistines, called the Caphtorim, conquered the territory (Deut 2:23; Josh 13:3).
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
AV´VIM (avʹvim), or Av´vites.1. A people among the early inhabitants of Palestine, whom we meet in the SW corner of the seacoast where they may have made their way northward from the desert. The only notice of them that has come down to us is contained in a remarkable fragment of primeval history preserved
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
AVIM [AV em] — the name of a tribe and a town in the Old Testament:1. A native tribe of the Canaanites who lived on the Philistine plain “as far as Gaza” (Deut. 2:23). Most of the Avim were destroyed or driven off by the Philistines. The reference to the Avites (Josh. 13:3; Avvim, REB, NRSV) is to these
Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary
AVIM (Āʹ vĭm), AVIMS, AVITES, AVVIM, AVVITE 1. People who lived on the Philistine coast before the Philistines invaded about 1200 b.c. (Deut. 2:23). 2. City in the tribal territory of Benjamin (Josh. 18:23).
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