August Hermann Francke
b. March 22, 1663 – d. June 8, 1727 • Church Reformer • Lutheran • Scholar
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727), German *Pietist and educationalist. He was born at Lübeck, and after studying philosophy and theology at Erfurt and Kiel became a lecturer at Leipzig in 1685. He was attracted to a pietistic form of religion and held ‘Collegia Philobiblica’ in which the Bible was
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann, theologian and philanthropist, b. at Lübeck, Germany, March 22, 1663, d. at Halle, June 8, 1727. His father, John Francke, held an official position at Lübeck, but in 1666 he removed with his family to Gotha, where he became associated with the government of Duke Ernest the Pious,
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727). German Lutheran minister, professor, and proponent of pietism. He was born in Lübeck and studied philosophy and theology in the universities of Erfurt, Kiel, and Leipzig. He also studied Hebrew, with great success, in Hamburg. In 1685, together with Paul Anton, he
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727). Francke was a German pietest leader and a professor at the University of Halle. At Leipzig he came to know Philipp *Spener, who became Francke’s mentor. From 1691, Francke served as professor of Greek at Halle. A social reformer as well as an educator, Francke founded
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Francke Foundations
Francke FoundationsThe preeminent social and educational institution of Pietism, established by Lutheran theologian and pedagogue August Hermann Francke (1663–1727), is called the Francke Foundations. Francke came to Halle in 1692 as professor at the newly founded university and pastor in the suburb
Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August HermannThe theologian and educator August Hermann Francke (1663–1727) was a leading German Pietist. Francke’s Foundations in Halle (Franckesche Stiftungen) and the Pietism that it promoted grew to have worldwide influence. Born in 1663 at Lübeck to Johannes Francke (1625–70) and Anna
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727). One of the foremost leaders of pietism. Francke studied at Erfurt, Kiel, and Leipzig, and taught at Leipzig (1685–87 and 1689–90). His teaching was well received by some but also aroused opposition. Through the influence of P. J. Spener he became professor at the
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727)German Pietist minister of Glaucha, Saxony, professor of the University of Halle, and founder of the Franckesche Stiftungen, a Christian complex that thrived during the early eighteenth century that included an orphanage, a hospital, a seminary, a printing house, and
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Francke, August Hermann
Francke, August Hermann (1663–1727)German Pietist and educational reformerAbout 1687, while a professor of Hebrew at Leipzig, August Francke came under the influence of Pietist preacher P. J. Spener. Francke began holding Bible study devotional meetings, sparking a revival at the institution. This