An action taken against someone or something that harms it.
Key passages
1 Mac 5:3

And Judas fought against the descendants of Esau in Judah at Akrabattene because they were besieging Israel. And he afflicted a massive blow on them and humbled them and took their plunder.

1 Mac 5:5

And they were shut out by him in their towers, and he threw against them and focused on destroying them and burned their towers with fire with all the people inside.

1 Mac 7:10–16

And he departed and came with a great army to the land of Judah, and he sent a messenger to Judas and to his brothers with peaceful words and with cunning. And they paid no heed to their words, for they saw that they came with a large army. And a group of scribes gathered to Alcimus and Bacchides, …

1 Mac 11:20–24

In those days, Jonathan gathered those from Judah to attack the citadel in Jerusalem and built against her many war machines. And some wicked men who hated their nation went to the king and reported to him that Jonathan had laid siege to the citadel. And …

2 Mac 12:5–6

Now Judas, after hearing about the cruelty that had happened to the people of his own race, summoned the men around him and, invoking the just judge, God, approached those murderers of his brethren. He set fire to their harbor at night and burned the boats and massacred those who took refuge in …