Assyria conquers Samaria
Shalmaneser V besieged Samaria for three years, conquered it and put Hoshea in prison.
Key passages
2 Ki 17:4–6

But the king of Assyria found treachery in Hoshea, for he had sent messengers to So king of Egypt, and he did not offer tribute to the king of Assyria as he had year after year; so the king of Assyria arrested him, and confined him in a house of imprisonment. So the king of Assyria went up in all …

2 Ki 18:9–10

It happened in the fourth year of King Hezekiah, that is, the seventh year of Hoshea the son of Elah king of Israel, Shalmaneser king of Assyria came against Samaria and laid siege against her. At the end of three years, he captured it in the sixth year of Hezekiah, that is, the ninth year of …

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Je 50:17; Eze 23:9–10;
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