Asia Minor Religion
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Asia Minor, Religion of
Asia Minor, Religions of Surveys the diverse religious atmosphere of ancient Turkey and its many provinces.
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Religions of the Biblical World: Asia Minor
Religions of the Biblical World: Asia Minor This article will deal with Hittite and Hurrian religion (ca 2000–1150 b.c.). I. Pantheon II. Mythology III. Visual Representation of the Gods IV. Cult Personnel V. Sacred Buildings and Architecture VI. Sacred Times and Seasons VII. Offerings to the
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Asiatic Culture
ASIATIC CULTURE. This term indicates the cultural facies characteristic of the Christianity of Roman Asia, but also branching out into other regions, in the 2nd and 3rd c. It characterizes a type of Christian culture different from, and in many aspects opposed to, that of *Alexandria. It lacked the compactness
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Asian Christian Theology
ASIAN CHRISTIAN THEOLOGYAsian Christians share a common concern to relate their Christian faith to real life in various Asian contexts. Reflecting on the nature and content of theology, Asian theologians have come to believe that every form of theological production is culturally conditioned. As a result,