Ashnah to the South
The Lexham Bible Dictionary
Ashnah to the South
Ashnah to the South (אַשְׁנָה‎, ashnah). A village in the southern foothills of Judah (Josh 15:43).
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Ashnah (Place)
ASHNAH (PLACE) [Heb ʾašnâ (אַשְׁנָה‎)]. 1. A town in the Shephelah, or lowlands, of Judah (Josh 15:33), within the same district as Azekah, Zanoah, and Socoh. The only reference to this settlement occurs in the list of towns within the tribal allotment of Judah (Jos 15:21–62; see also BETH-DAGON). The
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Ashnah to the South
2. A site farther S, possibly to be identified with Idhna, near Mareshah (Josh. 15:43).R. E. W. Bason
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Ashnah (Heb. ʾašnâ)1. A city in the Shephelah (lowlands) of Judah, mentioned in connection with Eshtaol and Zorah (Josh. 15:33). The modern village of Aslin, E of Azekah, and Khirbet Wadi Allin, SE of Beth-shemesh, are possible locations.2. A city in the Shephelah of Judah, further south than 1 above
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ASHNAH ash´nuh [אַשְׁנָהʾashnah]. 1. A city in the lowlands of Judah (Josh 15:33). Although the location is uncertain, Aslin is suggested.2. A city farther south in the lowlands of Judah (Josh 15:43). Modern Idna between Hebron and LACHISH is a possible location.
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