Artificial Contraception
Contraception, Artificial, Contraception Artificial
The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
contraception, procreation, and abortion, ethics of
contraception, procreation, and abortion, ethics of. The fundamental principles applied by Christians in reflecting on moral problems associated with procreation are the sacredness of human life, love of neighbour, and respect for the sovereignty and providence of God. On the basis of these principles
Pocket Dictionary of Ethics
contraception, contraceptives. The physical or chemical means that prevents embryonic conception from resulting from sexual intercourse. Although technically the term refers only to those procedures that prevent conception, it is often used to denote any means of *birth control that employs manufactured
Dictionary of Daily Life in Biblical & Post-Biblical Antiquity, Volumes I–IV
Contraception & Control of BirthsIndividuals in antiquity had a variety of reasons, often economic, for wishing to either prevent or limit births. Contraceptive materials or methods were used by some as a means to avoid pregnancy. These means of contraception varied widely. Some ancient writers suggest