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ARROWSNAKE<ar’-o-snak>: In Isaiah 34:15 the Hebrew word קִפּוֹז‎ [kippoz], which in the King James Version is rendered “great owl,” is in the English Revised Version rendered “arrowsnake,” and in the American Standard Revised Version “dart-snake.” Gesenius, who translates “arrowsnake,” says
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
arrow-snake. Name given sometimes to the Coluber najadum (or similar species), referring to a serpent that coils itself and darts forward. The term is used by the NJPS and other versions to render Hebrew qippôz H7889, which occurs only once (Isa. 34:15), but this word more probably refers to an owl.
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
ARROWSNAKE, ärʹo-snāk: In Isa 34:15 the Heb word קִפּוֹז‎, ḳippōz, which in AV is rendered “great owl,” is in ERV rendered “arrowsnake,” and in ARV “dart-snake.” Gesenius, who translates “arrowsnake,” says, “so called from the spring with which it propels itself.” Others, from the mention of “make
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