Arphaxad (ancestor of Jesus)
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Arphaxad (Person)
ARPHAXAD (PERSON) [Gk Arphaxad (Ἀρφαξαδ)]. 1. Ruler over the Medes (Jdt 1:1). He rebuilt the wall of Ecbatana, and was defeated by Nebuchadnezzar in the mountains of Rages.However, according to our historical sources, no Persian or Median king by the name of Arphaxad ever existed. Therefore, the character
Ecclesiastical Dictionary: Containing, in Concise Form, Information upon Ecclesiastical, Biblical, Archæological, and Historical Subjects
Arphaxad.—1. Son of Sem, born two years after the Deluge, and father of Cainan. According to Josephus, he settled in Chaldea.—2. King of the Medes, mentioned in Judith, where it is said that he built Ecbatana. It is believed that he is the Phraortes or Phrartes of Herodotus, who subdued all the peoples
The New Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible, Volumes 1–5
ARPHAXAD ahr-fak´sad [Ἀρφαξάδ Arphaxad]. 1. King of Media whom King Nebuchadnezzar defeated and killed (Jdt 1:1–15).2. Noah’s grandson and one of Jesus’ ancestors in Luke’s genealogy (3:23–38). See ARPACHSHAD.