Army of Ben-hadad
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Ben-Hadad II
Ben-Hadad, Enemy of Ahab (בן־הדד‎, bnhdd). Often referred to as Ben-Hadad II. An Aramean king of Damascus; ostensibly the son and successor of Ben-Hadad, son of Tabrimmon. The name means “son of Hadad,” in reference to the Semitic weather deity.
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Ben-Hadad (Person)
BEN-HADAD (PERSON) [Heb ben-hădad (בֶּן־הֲדַד)]. The name of at least two kings of Aram-Damascus in the 9th and 8th centuries b.c.e. The name Ben-Hadad is a Hebraized version of the original Aramaic name, Bir-Hadad, meaning “son of (the god) Hadad.” The two certain Ben-Hadads are Ben-Hadad, son of Tab-Rimmon
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Ben-hadad (king of Syria)
2. If three Ben-hadads are to be distinguished, the second Damascene ruler of this name probably commenced his reign about 860 b.c., and as such would be the opponent of Ahab (874/73–853). According to 1 K. 20, Ben-hadad besieged Samaria and demanded the capitulation of the northern kingdom. His purpose
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Ben-hadad (ben-hay´dad; Heb., “son of Hadad”). A number of Assyrian kings were named Ben-hadad. Just how many there were—and which exploits are to be attributed to whom—are disputed. The following presents one popular reconstruction of the evidence.1 Ben-hadad I, son of Tabrimmon and king of Damascus
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Ben-Hadad (Heb. ben-hăḏaḏ)Likely a throne name taken by the king of Damascus (Aram. Bir-hadad). Although scholars debate as to precisely how many rulers bore this name in the Bible and in epigraphic evidence preserved in Akkadian and Aramaic, probably three kings are attested.1. Ben-hadad I (ca.
Hadadezer (Heb. hăḏaḏʿezer)1. Aramean king of Zobah who was defeated by David; the son of Rehob (2 Sam. 8:3). The precise location of his city is not known, though scholars assume it was in the Beqaʿ Valley of Lebanon. It may be named in later Assyrian documents as a provincial center (ṣubatu) derived
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Benhadad [Ben-hay-dad](Hebrew origin: Son of the god Hadad)(1 Kings 15:18). 9th century b.c. Benhadad I, son of Tabrimon and grandson of Hezion, was the king of Aram—today’s Syria—when King Asa reigned in Judah.Asa’s enemy, Baasha, king of Israel, fortified the frontier town of Ramah in order to blockade
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Ben-hadadBen-hadad was the king of Damascus in the century following the breakup of Solomon’s united monarchy.Damascus was a city-state of Aram (Syria), and it was apparently the most powerful, with Hamath being the second strongest. In effect, Ben-hadad was the king of all Syria. It is not known exactly