Armed forces
The military of a nation or people group.
Key passages
Jdt 9:7

Behold, the Assyrians multiply in their power; they take pride in their horses and riders; they exalt in the strength of their infantry; they put their trust in shield and spear and bow and sling, and they do not know that you are the Lord who crushes wars.

1 Mac 1:17

And he went into Egypt in fierce force, with chariots and elephants and with cavalry and with a great navy.

1 Mac 3:27–28

Now as the king, Antiochus, heard these words, he grew angry with rage and sent for and gathered all the forces of his kingdom, an incredibly strong army. And he opened his treasury and gave provisions to his army for the year and ordered them to be ready for every need for …

1 Mac 8:6

And Antiochus the Great, king of Asia, who went against them in battle, having one hundred and twenty elephants and cavalry and chariots and a very large army, and they were crushed by them.

1 Mac 9:11

And the army departed from the camp and took their positions to meet them. And the cavalry was divided into two flanks, and the slingers and the bowmen went ahead of the army, and all the chief warriors did also.