Ark of Bulrushes
Ark • Ark of Moses
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
Ark of Bulrushes
The traditional spot where Moses was rescued from the Nile. HFVARK OF BULRUSHES. When the mother of Moses could no longer hide the baby Moses, she placed him in an ark made of rushes or papyrus reeds caulked with pitch (Ex 2:3), to avoid killing the child in accord with Pharaoh’s cruel decree (Ex
The New Bible Dictionary, Third Edition
ARK. 1. The ark of Noah (Heb. tēḇâ, probably from Egyp. ḏb’.t, ‘chest, coffin’, Gn. 6–9; kibōtos, ‘box, chest’ in the NT) was evidently intended to be no more than a floating repository, measuring, if the cubit is taken at c. 46 cm (*Weights and Measures), about 150 × 25 × 15 m (Gn. 6:15). It is
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Ark of Moses
Ark of Moses. A small boat or basket made of the papyrus, a reed which grows in the marshes of Egypt. It was covered with bitumen to make it water-tight.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
Ark of Moses
ARK OF MOSES — a small basket-like container in which Moses was hidden by his mother to save him from the slaughter of Hebrew children by the Egyptian Pharaoh (Ex. 2:3–6). The basket was made of woven Papyrus reeds and sealed with a tar-like pitch. The lid on the basket kept insects and the sun off the
Dictionary of Biblical Imagery
ArkThe Bible tells about two arks-the ark of Noah and the ark of Moses. While the building of Noah’s ark was no doubt a prophetic sign and warning to neighbors who saw its gradual erection, the primary meaning of both of thesse arks in the Bible is preservation and rescue.The ark that Noah builds (Gen
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
ARK, OF BULRUSHES<ark>, <bool’-rush-iz> ( תֵּבָה‎ [tebhah]; Egyptian tebt; Septuagint [θι̂βις, thibis], “a chest,” “a vessel to float”).
The Westminster Bible Dictionary
Ark [coffer, chest], the designation in the Scriptures of three specially important vessels:1. Ark of Noah. This was built by Noah, at God’s command, for the preservation of himself and family when the earth was devastated by the Flood. According to ordinary calculation, it was four hundred and fifty
The Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible, Volume 1, A–C
Bulrushes, Ark of
bulrushes, ark of. Term used by the KJV to describe the small papyrus basket made for the infant Moses, in which he was floated on the Nile in order to escape detection by the Egyptians (Exod. 2:3). Only this basket and the ark of Noah are called by the name tēbâ H9310, which is possibly an Egyptian
The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia, Volumes 1–5
Ark, of Bulrushes
ARK, ärk, OF BULRUSHES, bŏŏlʹrush-iz (תֵּבָה‎, tēbhāh; Egyp tĕbt; LXX θῖβις, thī́bis, “a chest,” “a vessel to float”): The Heb word here trd “ark” is used in the OT only of the ark of Noah (Gen 6:14 ff) and of the ark of bulrushes (Ex 2:3), and always in the secondary meaning, a vessel to float.
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