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Aristobulus II
Aristobulus II (Ἀριστόβουλος, Aristoboulos). The younger son of Alexander Jannaeus and Salome Alexandra. A Hasmonean king and high priest who reigned in Judaea from 67–63 bc.
The Anchor Yale Bible Dictionary
Aristobulus (Person)
ARISTOBULUS (PERSON) [Gk Aristoboulos (Ἀριστοβουλος)]. Several significant people in ancient and sacred history. It is a common Greek name meaning “best counselor.” See also ARISTOBULUS (OT PSEUDEPIGRAPHA).1. Greek historian who accompanied Alexander the Great on his campaigns. At 85 years of age he
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Revised
Aristobulus (nephew of Aristobulus)
2. Nephew of 1. He dethroned his mother Alexandra (69 b.c.), and forced his brother Hyrcanus to renounce the crown and mitre in his favor. In 64 b.c. Pompey came to Palestine and supported the cause of Hyrcanus. Aristobulus was defeated and taken prisoner, and Hyrcanus was appointed ethnarch in 63 b.c.
Tyndale Bible Dictionary
ARISTOBULUS Name (of Greek origin, meaning “best advising”) used in intertestamental times by ruling families in Palestine.1. Jewish priest in Alexandria (Egypt) and teacher of Ptolemy (ruled 180–146 bc). A letter was sent to Aristobulus from the Judean Jews (2 Macc 1:10).2. Aristobulus I. First king
The Wycliffe Bible Encyclopedia
ARISTOBULUSPaul sent greetings to “them which are of Aristobulus’ household” (Rom 16:10). Lightfoot’s well-known view is that this man was a brother of Herod Agrippa I and that these people were his slaves, now the property of the emperor. Bruce suggests that the next verse, “Salute Herodion my kinsman” (Rom
Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
Aristobulus (Gk. Aristóboulos)1. Aristobulus I, the eldest son of John Hyrcanus; also called Judas (Yehuda). According to Josephus he was the first of that dynasty to claim the title of king. While Hyrcanus had transferred authority over the realm to his wife, Aristobulus seized the throne, imprisoning
Eerdmans Bible Dictionary
Aristobulus ărˊĭs tŏbˊyə ləs] (Gk. Aristoboulos “best counselor”).†
Smith’s Bible Dictionary
Aristobu´lus (the best counsellor), a resident at Rome, some of whose household are greeted in Rom. 16:10. Tradition makes him one of the 70 disciples, and reports that he preached the gospel in Britain.
The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary
ARISTOBU´LUS (a-ris-to-būʹlus; “best counselor”). A person to whose household at Rome Paul sends salutation (Rom. 16:10), a.d. 60. Tradition represents him as a brother of Barnabas, ordained a bishop by Barnabas or Paul, and as laboring and dying in Britain. Ramsay (St. Paul the Traveller, p. 353) identifies
Easton’s Bible Dictionary
Aristobulusa Roman mentioned in Paul’s Epistle to the Romans (16:10), whose “household” is saluated.
Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Dictionary
ARISTOBULUS [a ris tow BUE lus] (best adviser) — a Roman to whose household Paul sent greetings (Rom. 16:10). According to an old tradition, Aristobulus was a brother of Barnabas and he was ordained a bishop by Paul and Barnabas.